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The Lawn Review: Home » Greenworks 80V Backpack Leaf Blower: 2023 Reviews

Greenworks 80V Backpack Leaf Blower: 2023 Reviews

Greenworks’ 80V Backpack Leaf Blower is a super interesting tool. These suckers are going to be the next big thing for homeowners and I can’t wait to tell you why.

greenworks 80v blower

My first time using this was an eye opening experience. For starters, I have a Stihl BR600 – one of the most powerful gas backpack blowers on the planet. While this isn’t quite the same amount of power, it is the right amount of power, cost, and ease of use.

I’ll break it down below:

My experience with blowers

I have been fortunate enough to own and use dozens of blowers. I’ve had a Stihl BG 86 C handheld gas blower, a few backpack blowers like the Stihl I mentioned above, an EGO 765 CFM handheld electric blower, some corded blowers, and even some blower and vacuum combos.

ego blower

But without a doubt – this is the most puzzling and interesting one I have owned. I’m bullish on the battery powered backpack leaf blower market because they are going to become less expensive, last a really long time, and are SO DANG EASY to use. Don’t believe me – check out my experience with this Greenworks 80V backpack blower.

Greenworks 80V Backpack Leaf Blower Breakdown and Review

I was so excited to use this because this was my first electric backpack blower. I took it for a test ride over the course of a couple weeks and jotted down some notes about what it felt like. Here are my thoughts on this blower.

Greenworks backpack leaf blower Power

If you’ve ever used a backpack blower, then you know these suckers are built for absolute power and speed when moving from jobsite to jobsite. I don’t want to frame this blower up as a weakling, but to be honest – most homeowners just don’t need power like that. 

At 610 CFMs and 180 MPH, the Greenworks 80V backpack blower is on the lower end for a backpack blower. But in relation to all blowers, this is definitely in the top 10-15%. That is some serious power and airspeed that will blast your leaves across the yard without much problem. 

greenworks 80v blower backpack

Since I tested this one out mostly on grass clippings, many of which were still wet, I was able to get a good feel for how it did with sticky, wet debris. It crushed it without a problem. 

Is it the most powerful thing in the world? No. Will it get the job done for a homeowner? Yes. 

Ease of use on the Greenworks 80V backpack blower

When it comes to actually strapping this thing on and getting started, there couldn’t be a better experience. And when compared to gas (both handheld and backpack) – there really isn’t any competition. 

Given the fact that I unboxed this, strapped it on, and was blowing around my yard all within five minutes should be a testament to how easy it was to get started.

Greenworks 80v backpack leaf blower electric battery

It has really great adjustable straps, comes with a longer blowing tube add-on, and uses a handheld joystick just like any other backpack blower. With the joystick, you can control the speed of the blower perfectly and aim it all around. It also has a cool turbo button that pumps you up to the maximum amount of CFMs and MPHs for when you need the extra boost.

Compared to gas, this sucker is really light. Eerily light. But that also makes the job slightly more pleasant. Lastly, this blower had a very distinct noise to it. I wouldn’t say it was pleasant, but it was definitely much quieter than a gas-powered blower. With a sleeping baby at home I was very, very happy.

A quick comment on battery life

The most common complaint I get about battery powered tools is the run time. While I agree that battery technology has a long way to go before it can be used for commercial applications, I think it is in a great spot for homeowners. 

With this Greenworks battery powered backpack blower, you’ll get about 20-25 minutes of run time with the lowest 2.0 Ah battery. If you want it to go for a full hour, you can upgrade to the 5.0 Ah battery. These also have rapid chargers that get you back to 100% pretty quickly.

Battery backpack blower comparison to gas backpack blowers

Other than looking kind of similar and blowing some air, these two machines couldn’t be more different. Gas backpack blowers are definitely more powerful. They’re heavier, loud as all get out, and can run all day as long as you gas them up.

gas powered backpack blower

And honestly – they’re overkill for homeowners. Cool toys, no doubt – but not necessary unless you have multiple acres. They’re also a pain in the butt to maintain and extremely loud.

The Greenworks 80V Backpack Blower is “just right” for the average homeowner with a slightly larger yard or just looking for some comfort and convenience. I’ll always remember when I used to wake up and sit on my front porch (before I had kids). One morning at probably 6 AM on a normal day of the week, my neighbor was out in her front yard using her backpack blower. I about went and slashed her tires…but I didn’t. 

Battery backpack comparison to the handheld 80V Blower

I’ve obviously used my Greenworks handheld 80V leaf blower a TON and even made a really long Youtube video about it. The thing is a beast. A freak of nature. And a really good price. They also have a great 60V Blower.

greenworks 80v blower review

But if you are out blowing your yard for any extended period of time, it is REALLY nice to have a backpack blower that can allow you to just “chill”. As far as power goes, there isn’t a huge difference between the two. This one is just slightly more comfortable and much more fun to play with. 

Cost and where to buy the Greenworks 80V Backpack Blower

The Greenworks 80V Backpack Battery Leaf Blower MSRPs for about $350. Right now, it is on an insane sale on Amazon that seems to come and go.

My recommendation would be to grab it on Amazon. If you already have the battery, you can get it for an absolutely crazy price that is totally justifiable to your wife (like under $200) by grabbing the tool-only version.

My recommendation and review: Greenworks 80V Backpack Blower

Is this going to replace your gas powered backpack blower? Maybe. It you’re a homeowner and yours is requiring a lot of maintenance and is mostly overkill – then sure it can. But if you are a pro landscaper – I’d pass on this.

For me, this will be my go-to leaf blower for this Fall. It is super easy and I’d rather it take a little longer or require recharging the battery than have to deal with the headache of a gas-powered blower. 

What to look for in a battery powered backpack blower

Cordless blowers come in a bunch of shapes and sizes but there are three basic things you need to understand:


Cubic feet per minute. This is a measure of air output on the blower. Higher CFM = more power, but not necessarily more miles per hour. High CFM with a wide nozzle = lower MPH. High CFM with a narrow nozzle = high miles per hour. Ideally, you want both a high CFM with a narrow to medium nozzle for most residential jobs.


What is the point of having a blower if it is hard to use? Have to get one that is lightweight, easy to start, and has some functions that make your life easier.

Motor type

Brushless motors reign supreme. Cooler running motors with more torque, a longer run-time, and last many more years. Brushless is a no brainer when picking a blower.

These are three things you need to pay attention to when looking through the specifications. 

Why we review lawn tools

The reason we started this website in the first place was because we had so much trouble trying to find reasonable, understandable, honest reviews for lawn equipment. And it’s not cheap! After hours and hours of research, trying products and returning them, and messing up our yards – we started this site. 

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As people who had to learn the hard way, we want you to know exactly what you are signing up for before you purchase a piece of equipment. That’s why we are committed to providing honest, easy-to-understand reviews that mean something. 


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