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Ultimate Lawn Tool Battery Guide (+ My Favorite)

We get so many questions about battery powered lawn tools, but most are all about one thing: the battery. 

enhulk 58v battery

The different lawn tool brands that make battery powered equipment are growing every day – but the questions about their batteries continue to grow with them.

Today, we’ve put together a guide of frequently asked questions to serve as a resource for anyone interested.

Ryobi Battery Guide: Common Ryobi Battery questions

As a Ryobi fan, I get a ton of questions about their batteries. Here are some of the best reviews we have done of Ryobi products.

How long does the Ryobi 40V battery last?

The Ryobi 40V battery life is dependent on a few things but will be most dependent on the type of tool. Battery life is going to get run down by the power output required of the tool. A lawn mower is likely going to eat through more battery than a cordless drill. So here is a quick guide

  1. Ryobi 40V mower run time: 45 minutes
  2. Ryobi 40V blower run time: 60 minutes
  3. Ryobi 40V trimmer run time: 90 minutes

These will vary greatly – for example if you have a particularly thick mowing job, this number could drop from 45 to 30 minutes. Likewise, if you are using self-propelled features you may see a similar drop.

How to remove the Ryobi 40V battery from the blower?

Easy! Simply press down on the gray tab, grab the top of the battery, and slide out. I have a GIF below that shows how you put it in. 

Ryobi 40v blower
See how I slide it in there?

Remember to hold down the gray tab the entire time you are removing it and you should have no problem sliding it out.

Check out our Ryobi 40V blower post here.

How long does it take to charge a Ryobi 40V battery?

I’ve experienced Ryobi 40V battery recharge times varying from a little over an hour up to 3 hours. While the battery life is displayed in ¼ increments, it’s hard to tell if you have one left whether you are at 1% or 30% battery remaining. 

Ryobi 40V battery
The 40V 4Ah Ryobi battery.

Do Ryobi batteries fit Greenworks tools? Are Ryobi and Greenworks batteries interchangeable?

C’mon now – you didn’t think these corporations would make it this easy! No! They are not. You would have to either buy a battery for the other tool, or if you already have a battery, buy the tool-only version (which comes without a battery).

Are all Ryobi 18V batteries the same?

If they are a part of Ryobi’s 18V One + (which I think they all are), then the battery will fit in all tools that use that battery. Part of the wonderful design of this series of batteries.

Can you leave Ryobi 18V or Ryobi 40V batteries on the charger?

This is not recommended as it can shorten the span on your battery life. Without getting too technical, I would say take it off the charger once it is fully charged. 

Check out our guide here that compares Ryobi 40V and Ryobi 18V trimmers.

EGO Battery Guide: Common EGO battery questions

EGO makes some really cool lawn tools and has been exploding! Check out some of our EGO battery powered lawn tool posts here.

Are all EGO 56V batteries interchangeable?

Yes, all EGO 56V batteries work across all of their 56V tools. This is a huge benefit to EGO products. You may see different Ah (amp-hours), all with the same 56V. Each one of these 56V batteries will work across all tools.

ego multi head battery
The battery has a nice indicator light!

Can EGO 56V batteries stay on the charger?

Generally with Lithium-Ion batteries, leaving them on the charger is not recommended. While it will not cause them to explode, it could result in reduced battery life to leave the batteries on the charger well past when they have reached their full charge.

How long does the EGO 56V battery last?

This totally depends on the number of Amp-hours of the battery. Higher Amp-hours means longer run time. Similarly, the more exhaustive and power-dependent the tool, the less time it will run. For example, a mower will require more power to operate than a string trimmer.

Do all EGO products use the same battery?

They are all compatible with 56V batteries and can technically all take the same battery, however EGO makes levels of Amp-hours with their batteries.

ego multi head battery
Nice looking battery TBH.

How long does it take to charge EGO 56V battery?

EGO put together a great guide below, but with a standard charger, it looks like this:

  • 2.5 Ah EGO battery takes 50 minutes to charge
  • 5 Ah EGO battery takes 100 minutes to charge
  • 7.5 EGO battery Ah takes 145 minutes to charge
  • 10.0 EGO battery Ah takes 190 minutes to charge
EGO battery charging time 2022
Better than I could do!

Are Greenworks and EGO batteries interchangeable?

Sadly, no – they use different voltages.

Greenworks Battery Guide: Common Greenworks battery questions

Greenworks makes awesome tools. Check out some of our favorite Greenworks posts here.

Are Greenworks 60V and 80V batteries interchangeable?

greenworks battery
Greenworks battery!

Unfortunately, no – these are not interchangeable.

How long does Greenworks 60V battery last?

Depending on the project and tool, you can expect this battery to last for 40-45 minutes.

How long does it take to charge Greenworks 60V battery?

The charging time for a Greenwork 60V battery is about one hour – making it top of class for a standard charger.

Are Greenworks 80V batteries interchangeable?

Yes! Greenworks 80V batteries are interchangeable with other Greenworks 80V compatible tools.

Greenworks 80v battery
Nice battery!

Are Greenworks and Kobalt 80V batteries interchangeable?

No! Sadly, they have different fits for each brand and do not work together in this way.

best kobalt blower
Kobalt 80V battery slips right in here.

Dewalt Battery Guide: Common Dewalt battery questions

Let’s kick off the Dewalt Battery FAQ! Check out some of our Dewalt posts here.

How long do Dewalt 20V batteries last?

This varies wildly by the type of job, but for a power drill can last several days whereas a Dewalt leaf blower can last about 45 minutes.

dewalt 60v blower battery
Where you would slide the battery for their blower.

Are Dewalt 20V batteries interchangeable?

Yes, all Dewalt 20V batteries work with all Dewalt 20V products.

Are Dewalt 20V and 20V MAX batteries interchangeable?

While it seems confusing, the answer is yes. The MAX notates a more efficient battery system, meaning you will get more juice for the squeeze.

Is it okay to leave a Dewalt 20V battery on the charger?

Actually, yes. Dewalt chargers have a “maintenance mode” that allows them to remain on the charger until you’re ready to get to work. 

Summary of findings

While all of these innovators in the battery-powered lawn tool space, rest assured that most batteries are the same. While voltage and Amp-hours can be confusing, a general rule of thumb is that most last for about 45 minutes for lawn tools. 

Why we review lawn tools

The reason we started this website in the first place was because we had so much trouble trying to find reasonable, understandable, honest reviews for lawn equipment. And it’s not cheap! After hours and hours of research, trying products and returning them, and messing up our yards – we started this site. 

review lawn tools
We go to extreme lengths.

As people who had to learn the hard way, we want you to know exactly what you are signing up for before you purchase a piece of equipment. That’s why we are committed to providing honest, easy-to-understand reviews that mean something.

Alex K

Alex K

Alex is not a lawn care natural. He had to learn things the hard way. But after stumbling through his first few seasons of lawn care, he learned a lot. Mostly - what not to do. Alex has become one of the country's advocates of battery-powered lawn tools, quoted in the Washington Post among other highly visible publications. Alex started The Lawn Review with his friend Tyler - who you may see in some of the videos on this website - to help normal people like you understand how to take care of their lawn themselves with the best tools possible. Alex has thousands of hours of experience using hundreds of different lawn tools and has found exactly what to look for in each type of tool. He speaks with deep experience not only about the boring technical specifications, but what the tool actually feels like when you are using it, what to look for before you make a purchase, and how the lawn tool measures up when you factor in price.