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Kobalt’s 600 PSI Power Cleaner Review: Is It Worth It?

We tested out the new Kobalt 600 PSI power cleaner. This power cleaner is designed to wash away dirt and grime from surfaces from just about anywhere. The Kobalt 600 PSI power cleaner is battery-powered with Kobalt’s 40V Max battery series.

kobalt brushless power cleaner

Bottom Line: The Kobalt 600 PSI Power Cleaner has all the right components and was well-built. I don’t really have a use for it but I have found a ton of people that do. You can grab it on Amazon or Lowe’s for a great price.

Kobalt 600 PSI Power Cleaner Review

The Kobalt 600 PSI power cleaner was fun to use. While I have tested many, many electric pressure washers in the past, I’ve only used a handful of power cleaners. I have also tested the Greenworks power cleaner and the Worx power cleaner which operate nearly the same as this Kobalt power cleaner.

kobalt 40v max battery

The Kobalt 600 PSI Power Cleaner isn’t very powerful

At 600 PSI, the Kobalt Power Cleaner is not made to be a normal pressure washer. For regular electric pressure washers, anywhere between 2000 and 3000 PSI is a great range. 600 isn’t very much – but it is much stronger than a normal garden hose.

kobalt brushless power cleaner

If you are the type of person to use a power cleaner then you will have appreciation for the amount of power. In previous reviews of power cleaners, I use a power cleaner to wash off pollen from patio chairs, clean off a bike, and do a quick car wash. 

I’ve checked out what others use power cleaners for and it is more of the same: cleaning out animal cages, washing paddle boards and kayaks, and on-the go washing. 

Kobalt’s 40V Power Cleaner is easy to use

The 600 PSI power cleaner is super easy to use although it is a bit heavy. You can connect a hose to the bottom of the power cleaner directly, which is what I did to wash off patio furniture. If you don’t have a hose you can use the tube it comes with to draw water from any area. 

kobalt twist nozzle power washer

If indoors, it is easy to fill a bucket up with water and draw from that to clean things like bathtubs or showers. If you are outdoors, you can draw water safely from any fresh water source like a lake or pond. These are great use cases to take your power cleaner with you when you go paddle boarding or mountain biking. 

kobalt pressure washer nozzle

The 5-in-1 nozzle tip is also a really nice feature on the Kobalt Power Cleaner. Simply twist the nozzle to change between five different spray patterns. This nozzle tip makes the Kobalt power cleaner even more portable because you don’t have to keep track of different nozzles. 

extension hose on kobalt power cleaner

Is the Kobalt 40V 600 PSI Power Cleaner worth it?

The Kobalt Power Cleaner comes in at under $200 over at Lowe’s. If you already own a 40V battery from Kobalt, then I would definitely give this one a chance. If you are looking for a nice alternative, the Greenworks 24V Power Cleaner is pretty dang good as well.

If you are looking for other Kobalt 40V products, check out some of the reviews we did:

Does Kobalt make a pressure washer?

No, Kobalt has not made a pressure washer. The Kobalt 40V 600 PSI is the closest Kobalt has come to making a pressure washer.

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