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The Lawn Review: Home » Ultimate EGO Multi-Head Attachment Buyer’s Guide (2023)

Ultimate EGO Multi-Head Attachment Buyer’s Guide (2023)

The EGO 56V Power+ Multi-Head attachment system is an incredible tool for folks looking to save money and space on an entire suite of lawn tool products.

ego multi head review

You may be asking yourself if all the different attachments still work as well as buying separate tools.

We asked the same thing. So we bought the multi-head tool. And have used every single attachment available.

Bottom line: this thing works. We loved most of the attachments and they will honestly replace many of our standalone tools. 

But if we only had the money to buy a couple of the attachments, we’d focus on two or three of our favorites.

We will let you know which EGO attachments we liked the most and give you an overview of each attachment.

Let’s get started:

Why we review lawn tools

The reason we started this website in the first place was because we had so much trouble trying to find reasonable, understandable, honest reviews for lawn equipment. And it’s not cheap! After hours and hours of research, trying products and returning them, and messing up our yards – we started this site. 

As people who had to learn the hard way, we want you to know exactly what you are signing up for before you purchase a piece of equipment. That’s why we are committed to providing honest, easy-to-understand reviews that mean something. 

What to look for in an attachment-capable multi-head system

EGO is not the only company that makes a multi-head attachment system. We have owned a few others, including the Ryobi multi-tool (which was a bust in our opinion). Whether or not you get this EGO Power+ Multi-Head attachment system, you need to be sure to consider a few things, like:

Motor type:

You definitely want to get one with a brushless motor. Brushless motors operate using magnets instead of friction to transfer electrons. Basically, these motors run much cooler, last longer, and provide more torque. Win, win, win. This is a non-negotiable for any battery-powered lawn tool we buy these days.

Speed variability:

Because these multi-tools operate a vast array of tools, you want to make sure you have flexibility in how much speed you are using. The snow blower attachment you may want at full blast, but the trimmer you may want to go at a lower speed to work around a delicate garden bed. 


Look for a power head that has solid construction and as few plastic parts as possible. Particularly vulnerable spots include where the shaft connects to the attachments and also the grip. You have so many different grip positions with different tools, transitioning from overhead work to ground work, so these can take a beating.

These are the three main things I check out before even considering a purchase for a multi-tool. Keep them as your north star.

EGO Power Head Multi-Tool Attachment System: Features and benefits

As we mentioned earlier, the EGO Power Head attachment system is definitely a beast. But we had some attachments that frankly were much easier to use than others. Let’s dive right into the unique features and benefits of this system.

EGO Power+ Power Head (PH1400)

While without any attachments this tool won’t do a gosh darn thing, it is the engine for a bunch of other tools – so it needs to be good. A few paragraphs above, I talked about the most important things when evaluating a multi-tool attachment system head. So how does the EGO Power+ Power Head stack up?

ego power head
The head itself is really durable – you can see we have scratched it already.

For starters, this power head has a brushless motor. Again, this is important because we are making a significant investment in this tool. All-in, you can easily spend $700+ on the power head and a bunch of the attachments (we did). It is critically important that you get a return on this investment and keep it for as long as possible. 

The brushless motor on the power head will guarantee longevity as compared to brushed motor heads. You’ll notice a quieter, longer-lasting, cooler-running motor that has more torque. It is the most important thing in any battery lawn tool.

Next up is whether or not this has variable speed control. Yes and no. Yes, in that you can control the speed, but only between two settings – high and low. This is the only hesitation we had with this system when we bought it. Ideally, there would be ultimate flexibility in speed anywhere between the smallest amount to the maximum speed. Sadly, this one isn’t quite there.

speed control
These are the only two speed controls!

This is important because you lose a bit of control with the tool. If you want to go really slow with something, like starting a small little cut with your pole saw, then you are limited in how slow you can go. Same goes with the maximum speed. Sad!

ego multi head battery
The battery has an indicator light that tells you how much juice.

Lastly, we need to make sure the dang tool is durable. We have reviewed a few of the EGO products, like their 765 CFM blower and their 56V mower – what stuck out to us the most was how “solid” the tools felt. They are well constructed and built with durability in mind. The EGO Power+ power head is no exception – it is remarkably solid and we have no concerns with durability.

The Power+ Multi-Head itself is available on Amazon for a great price.

EGO Multi-Head 15” String Trimmer attachment (STA1500)

The absolute necessity of the multi-head series, the string trimmer attachment is also one of the best. What’s not to love? It fits perfectly into the multi-head and checks all the boxes. Here’s what we love about the EGO string trimmer attachment.

ego trimmer head
This is the trimmer head that can bump to unwind.
  • 15 inch cutting swath which allows for professional grade trimming jobs and the ability to tackle denser areas of brush
  • Rapid reload bump head lets you quickly let our more trimmer line so you can keep going without having to stop and pull or twist some line out
  • Straight shaft gives you more length and flexibility as compared to a curved-shaft trimmer
  • Comes with a really durable dual twist .095” trimmer line – basically top of the line trimmer line

Pairing this EGO weed eater attachment with the brushless motor of the EGO power head gives you an absolute beast of a battery-powered string trimmer. Functionally, this pairing is one of the most natural for a multi-tool and should be the first purchase you make after you have the power head. 

EGO’s string trimmers are built very tough and are one of the best battery powered string trimmers.

ego string trimmer
I love the smaller guard on this attachment.

You can get this string trimmer attachment from a number of places, including Lowe’s or Ace Hardware. We got ours on Amazon for a great price and it came to our house the next day.

EGO Multi-Head Power+ 8” Edger attachment (EA0800)

Next up on our favorite EGO Multi-head attachments is the 8” edger attachment. After you’ve used a string trimmer/weed eater on your lawn, one of the finishing touches that takes it from good to great is a nice edger. If you want those perfect borders around your yard or garden bed, an edger does a fantastic job of providing them in a way that distinguishes your lawn from your neighbors. 

ego edger attachment multihead
Really strong and durable – wheel also adjusts.

Here’s what we loved about the edger attachment:

  • It has a 3” cutting depth. Many folks ask us if you can use a string trimmer to do some edging, and the answer is “sometimes”. But to truly get a resilient, deep border around your yard then an edger is an absolute must. String trimmers will not get you 3 inches deep into the dirt. 
  • It has a wide guide wheel that allows you to smoothly roll the trimmer forward across whatever surface you are edging. 
  • The guide wheel has a depth adjuster that changes how deep you can edge. Frankly, I had never seen this or bothered with it before, but if you need to go deeper or shallower, this is your way to do it.

Again, combining this edger with the PH1400 (Power Head) gives you a top-of-the-line edger. In my bare bones lawn care kit, I mow, trim, edge, and blow. The edger serves as the highest value-add tool that makes my neighbors stop and say “wow, you have some nice looking grass”. It’s the same as the person next door, just better groomed.

We actually named this one of the best battery powered lawn edgers.

ego edger attachment
8 inch blade does NOT give up easily.

You can groom yours the same way if you grab it from Lowe’s or Amazon, where we got it for $10 cheaper than Lowe’s.

EGO Multi-Head Power+ 20” hedge trimmer attachment (HTA2000)

Now I know what you’re thinking – a hedge trimmer attachment? It sounds a little out there but in reality it is pretty dang slick. While most folks probably prefer hedge trimmers a little longer (think 21 – 24 inches), this one makes up for the lack of length by being attached to the EGO Multi-Head. 

ego hedge trimmer
This made it look longer than it is.

The big tradeoff with this hedge trimmer is that you exchange control for reach. When I’m trimming bushes, I like to be right up close and pay extreme attention to make sure I am rounding curves the right way and not making some odd looking shape.

What are these for anyways?

With the Power+ hedge trimmer attachment, you don’t get to be as close, but you DO get to hedge trim tall bushes. This is a major advantage as who knows who many emergency room trips have occurred from hedge trimmers standing on ladders or doing overhead work that makes a piece of bark fall in their eye (happened to my dad – had to wear a pirate patch).

hedge trimmer attachment power head
The full hedge trimmer attachment.

I don’t think this attachment is your all-in-one replacement for a hedge trimmer, but it does complement your existing trimmer and comes in at a super cheap price.

So why not get it? We got ours on Amazon and it was chopping off a 9 foot bush the next day.

EGO Multi-Head Power+ 9.5” Cultivator / Tiller attachment

We love this attachment. Honestly, who wants to own a tiller or cultivator? You use it once in a blue moon, it takes up space, and it’s relatively difficult to operate.

When you start thinking through attachments that truly make a difference to replace existing lawn tools, this one is EXACTLY what we want to use instead of buying a separate, more expensive tool. 

ego tiller attachment
Not huge but nice sturdy tines.

So we did. And it works really well! Again, I don’t cultivate or till very often so I can’t compare this to a ton of other cultivators, but it got the job done.

Sun Joe Garden Tillers are another option for the full tool, but again – the cost doesn’t quite justify buying a lone tool considering how infrequent you use it.

ego cultivator attachment
Nice side profile.

BUT if you know you are going to do some tilling in the future, you can save big money by grabbing this one. It was actually easier to use than a regular tiller because you have so much more length with the EGO multi-head. For me, this allowed me to easily apply more downward force than I could have with the shorter, lone tool.

At 9.5 inches, it’s a little smaller than large cultivators that typically run 12-14 inches, but it got the job done.

We got ours on Amazon (of course), because we went to Lowe’s and they didn’t have any!

EGO Multi-Head Power+ 10 inch Pole Saw Attachment (PSA1000)

If you haven’t used a pole saw, you haven’t lived. They are the second most satisfying lawn tool on the planet (after dethatchers of course). All those limbs that thought they escaped you just get absolutely rocked and there’s no better feeling.

ego pole saw attachment
Surprisingly powerful.

You get to use a little mini-saw on a stick to take down some branches. Sign me up. My neighbor was using one this morning and I walked over with my son and just watched. Amazing.

Anyways, the fact that you can smack one of these on the end of your EGO multi-tool power head is just downright unfair. Pole saws aren’t for everyone, which is why buying an attachment makes so much sense.

Honestly, most pole saws are pretty long and somewhat heavy and awkward, which makes storing them difficult. But having just the attachment allowed us to hang it on a hook in our garage at about ⅓ of the length of a normal pole saw. 

One other thing we like about this pole saw is that it has an auto-lubricating function. Just beware that the oil WILL drip if you have it hanging face-down, so beware of how you keep it in your garage or shed.

This one is a great add-on to your multi-head if you are looking to take down some limbs on the cheap.

It’s available at some Lowe’s (not ours), Ace, and on Amazon, where it is the cheapest.

EGO Power+ Multi-Head Snow Shovel Attachment (SSA1200)

By far one of the best values you can get from an attachment, the snow shovel is SO COOL. Not only does it launch snow 25 feet (!!), but it can clear up to six inches at a time.

ego snow shovel
Really underrated snow shovel.

In general, snow shovels are awesome tools and perfect for most people who don’t live WAY up North who get 10+ inches of snow at a time. But just about everyone gets a couple inches and wants to do some clearing. 

ego snow shovel
Launch the snow 25 feet in whichever direction you choose.

Snow shovels allow you to get rid of a decent amount of snow without having to drop $400 on a snow blower. The attachment piece again is such a killer way to go because you aren’t going to use this more than a few times per year and now you don’t have to go buy a full on tool for snow and take up even MORE garage space.

This attachment is really fun to use and gives you more control than other snow shovels. You can get it on Amazon or a bunch of other places.

EGO Multi-head Power+ Bristle Brush Attachment (BBA2100)

Ever seen a tool and thought, “why would I ever need that?”. My wife does it to me all the time. 

The bristle brush attachment is what I would consider “extra”. Being the skeptic that I am, I bought it and didn’t know what to do with it.

Then I took it out onto my paver patio and was blown away. All the little rocks and debris that had become just “part of” my paver patio because I couldn’t get them with the blower were GONE. It looked like I had a brand new patio. 

This is great for things like thick pollen, small rocks, or other stubborn stuff stuck on a hard surface. Another great application is for right after you’re done using the edger attachment (see #2 above) and have a bunch of dirt kicked up on your driveway or street. Simply run this sucker down there and get it swept up in no time. 

Sadly, I get the sense that they are discontinuing this attachment because it is out of stock at both Amazon and Lowe’s. You can click this link to see if it ever comes back into stock.

The last two: Rubber Broom and Extension attachment

These two attachments for the EGO multi-head were two that we didn’t feel we needed. Frankly at 6’7”, I just don’t really need the extension pole, even for the pole saw.

And the rubber broom MIGHT get used by me once per year, but I also saw that it was a whopping 14lbs and didn’t think it was worth it.

That’s just me!  Some people may really need the extension pole, especially if using the pole saw or hedge trimmer at great heights. The rubber broom I still have a tough time with, but if you work a job site or in a garage and want to clear some stuff out then I’m sure it is a great tool. 

What about the warranty?

If you are using anything from EGO’s residential line of products, the warranty is best-in-class. Honestly – the 5 year limited warranty for the tools and 3 years for the battery and charger are unreal. 

I’ve heard mixed things about people trying to get through to customer service. Some say they couldn’t ever exchange a faulty battery and others that had no problem at all. I imagine they will only get better at responding to the crazy demand they’ve had for their products. 

Are third-party attachments compatible with EGO?

Nope – I know Ryobi has had some people make third-party attachments that apparently work with their products, but EGO has a specifically designed attachment system that doesn’t allow for that. It would probably void the warranty as well. 

ego attachment
Won’t work with others!

Parting thoughts: EGO Multi-Tool Power Head Final Review

The power head itself is absolutely top of the line – better than any other we have personally used. The attachments are great if you treat them like a buffet and only get the ones you want. I think that’s why I love this tool so much – it’s as little or as much as you want it to be. As expensive or as cheap as you want it to be. And it can slowly take over your whole lawn tool collection.


Alex K

Alex is a lawn tool enthusiast who cut his teeth as a normal Joe lawn dad. After burning through expensive, fancy tools, Alex became dedicated to finding the best tools on the planet. He is now a leading expert on electric lawn tools, quoted in the Washington Post among other publications.