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Dewalt 20V Cordless Self-Propelled Mower: 2024 Update

The Dewalt Self-Propelled lawn mower is a 20V machine that is trying to break into the electric mower space. The electric mower space has been dominated by folks like Ryobi, Greenworks, EGO Power+ and more. 

dewalt battery mower 20v
Me and my son picking it up from the store!

Traditional companies like Dewalt, Black and Decker, and others have been slower entrants (think Tesla vs. Ford) but are now dipping their toes into the water. That being said, Dewalt’s self-propelled electric mower must undergo our intense scrutiny process.


This is actually a sweet mower with the longest run-time of just about any battery-powered mower. It isn’t the most popular mower on the market, but this electric mower is certainly gaining steam (or electrons).

The Dewalt 20V mower can be found at Home Depot’s website where you can buy online or pick it up in store.

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First impressions of the Dewalt self propelled lawn mower

I must admit, I have my doubts when it comes to electric lawn mowers. Other electric mowers that I have reviewed have had issues with battery life. The self propelling function of the mower can easily chew through battery and have you with a half-mowed lawn and a wasted weekend afternoon. 

Interestingly, the Dewalt battery-powered outdoor line used to be 40V products. These have since been discontinued. The majority of equipment is now 20V, with a mower that requires two 20V batteries. Makes sense if you don’t think about it.

We have reviewed some of the other 20V Dewalt products, including their 20V leaf blower and their 20V hedge trimmer.

Dewalt is a company that is highly regarded for their tools and outdoor equipment, so I was willing to give it a go. Let’s check out some of the features of this mower. 

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Using the Dewalt 20V cordless mower

Frankly, all electric lawn mowers are very usable. They are quiet, light, store easily, and do not bother your neighbors. In other words, they are boring. The Dewalt self propelled lawn mower comes with a push to start button and will begin walking for you once you get it going. 

The Dewalt mower has a slight edge over other electric mowers in that it is about 5lbs lighter than its competitors. One thing I love about how easy to use this is is the push-to-start feature. This is an often overlooked feature because we are all so used to pulling the dang cord to get our mower started.

It also features a great self-propelled function that will lurch the mower forward so that you don’t have to push as hard. This is a great feature if you mow steep hills and banks.

Durability and the Dewalt 20V mower’s metal deck

One thing I appreciate about this model is the wide steel deck. Having a wide steel deck will make the mower feel less “plastic” and make the mower last much longer. A wide deck on a lawn mower also helps with a cleaner cut with less passes. 

Dewalt self-propelled lawn mower deck
The metal deck of the Dewalt self-propelled lawn mower provides more durability than other electric mowers.

Dewalt knows this is one of the more durable electric mowers on the market and has put their money on the line by offering a three year warranty. They also offer one year of free service (which you will not need) and a ninety day money back guarantee. This basically gives you an entire free spring season to try it out. If you don’t like it, you can get your money back. 

Battery life on the Dewalt self-propelled lawn mower

Battery life issues on electric mowers are what drive me CRAZY. The Dewalt electric mower has a pair of batteries that you can use to get this baby fired up. What I absolutely LOVE about this mower is the run time. The run time is 75 minutes on this mower which puts it as best in class.

Compare the 75 minutes on the Dewalt mower to 40 or 45 with the Ryobi one. This gives it a huge advantage over its competitors. 

Lithium-ion batteries are great because they don’t slowly sputter and weaken your lawn mower when the battery gets low. The machine will continue to run full speed until there is nothing left in it. 

Using the Dewalt battery with other Dewalt tools

Just like Ryobi and some of the other multi-electric tool companies, you can use the batteries from this mower on other Dewalt devices. This feature is of course to build brand loyalty. After all, if you already are charging Dewalt batteries in your garage, why would you want to add others?

The Dewalt 20V hedge trimmer (that I have also reviewed).

Due to Dewalt’s massive suite of products, you can use the batteries from this mower on over 200 products of Dewalt’s. The closest competitors only have maybe 40-50 tools that can also use their battery. I have personally used and tried the Dewalt 20V hedge trimmer and review it here as well as the Dewalt 60V chainsaw and the 20V blower.

If you already have the Dewalt batteries in other tools of yours, you can purchase this mower for a reduced price as a “tool-only” option. For those that are Dewalt loyals, you can rest assured that your loyalty will be rewarded.

Dewalt 20V lawn mower battery use
The Dewalt line of 20V products has over 200 products that can take a 20V battery.

Where it is made

This does not matter to some people, but to me it does. This mower is made in the good ole’ United States of America. Most electric mowers are made in China and shipped over. For those that care to support an American-made product, check out this mower.


One of the beauties of electric mowers is their light weight and storage capabilities. This mower is no different. You can basically fold this mower in half and stand it up on its side. When folded, it sticks straight up and can be pushed into a tight space in your garage, crawlspace, shed, or wherever else you can make room. In the below picture that I got from Dewalt’s website, this gentleman is putting the mower in his truck. It is a great example of how the mower can be used, but sadly there is not a single blade of grass anywhere near this man (LMAO).

dewalt 20v mower storage folding
Where’s the grass, buddy?

The great thing about storing an electric mower is that it will fire right back up when winter is over. Gas mowers may require a little bit of oil and gas plus several yanks of the cord. This one will start back up at the press of a button. 

Should I use the bag on this Dewalt mower?

I am almost never a fan of using bags on mowers. The bag will keep the grass clippings off of your lawn. While this can be aesthetically pleasing, your yard actually can benefit from these nutrients. 

With electric mowers, every second of battery life counts. Keeping a bag full of damp grass to weigh down the motor and cause it to exert more energy is a loss in my opinion. Do not slow down your mow and go bag free!

To self-propel or not to self-propel?

This mower comes in two options: standard push and self-propelled. The self-propelled option is nice for those that like an easier experience when going up hills or over rough terrain like long grass. The downside of self-propelled mowers will be the battery life reduction you will experience by keeping that function on. 

The push option is your standard push mower. Nothing sexy but gives you great exercise.

Cost and value of the Dewalt self-propelled lawn mower

While certainly more expensive than similar bodied gas mowers (like the Troy Bilt push I reviewed), the Dewalt comes in at the lower end of the price range.

This mower has almost all of the same features of the Greenworks mower, but about $70 less currently. This mower ranges from about $400-$450 and has better battery life. The added benefit for those that already own Dewalt tools and have other uses for these batteries makes it a clear winner. 

Dewalt vs Greenworks vs Ryobi

As you may know, I have also reviewed the Greenworks electric mower as well as the Ryobi electric mower. To be frank, the Dewalt one is the only that appeals to me from an aesthetics perspective. The Greenworks and Ryobi mowers are neon-green and stick out like a sore thumb.

While the Dewalt self propelled mower is slightly more expensive, I think it is the best buy of the three. The metal deck allows for more durability despite being slightly heavier. I also like the Ryobi mower, but the compatibility with other tools is less than Dewalt. I also like Dewalt’s tools more than Ryobi, so would rather build out an entire suite of Dewalt products than Ryobi.

Greenworks is really on an island from a battery perspective, so unless you have no other Dewalt or Ryobi tools with the appropriate battery, I would ignore this one altogether.

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The official review of the Dewalt self-propelled lawn mower

It can be found at Home Depot’s website where you can buy online or pick it up in store.

Difficulty to useLess difficult than gas
DurabilityMore durable compared to other electric mowers
MaintenanceEasiest to maintain
ValueHigh value for an electric mower, lower value if including gas mowers
For lots <10,000 sq. ftHighly recommended
For lots <1 acreNot recommended unless keeping spare batteries around
For lots >1 acreNot recommended

For links to the manual or to parts for the Dewalt electric lawn mower, check out the below:



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