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The Lawn Review: Home » I Tested Greenworks’ New 60V Cordless Hedge Trimmer

I Tested Greenworks’ New 60V Cordless Hedge Trimmer

The Greenworks 60V 26 inch hedge trimmer is a thing of beauty. I didn’t recognize how badly I needed a cordless hedge trimmer until I bought this bad boy.

greenworks hedge trimmer 60v

Greenworks basically painted the Mona Lisa when they created this. It is super lightweight, easy-to-use, and has a ton of features that make it comfortable, affordable, and swagged out. I put this puppy to use in my yard and had an absolute revelation. 

Bottom Line: The Greenworks 60V hedge trimmer is a great combination of power, length, and comfort. You can grab it from Amazon or on Greenworks’ website.

Let me explain:

Greenworks 60V 26 inch cordless hedge trimmer: Overview

I put this electric hedge trimmer through the ringer. I got to use this on a number of bushes in my front and back yard and have to say – I was impressed. Here is my breakdown by category.

Cutting power and length on the Greenworks hedge trimmer

I recently got my hands on the Greenworks 60V 26 inch cordless hedge trimmer, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer. The cutting power is seriously impressive (or at least compared to my 1980s SEARS corded trimmer). Thanks to the super long, double-sided blades, it effortlessly slices through even the thickest hedges, saving me a ton of time.

greenworks 60v 26 inch

But what I really loved about this trimmer is the longer, double-sided blade. At 26 inches, it’s a real game-changer. Many other, cheaper hedge trimmers are around 21 inches, which makes a huge difference.  I could tackle larger hedges and bushes with fewer passes, saving me a ton of time and energy. Plus, it gave me complete surgical precision with my hedges – I felt like a plastic surgeon. 

The brushless motor is another big plus. Greenworks makes some really, really good tools that last for an insane amount of time – like they’re 3000 PSI pressure washer that has a TEN YEAR WARRANTY. Crazy.

Battery life of Greenworks 60V hedge trimmer

Next up: battery life on this battery-powered hedge trimmer. It’s pretty awesome to be cord-free, but here’s the deal: battery life can vary quite a bit depending on a few factors.

First off, the thickness of the brush you’re trimming plays a big role. If you’re tackling some seriously thick, overgrown hedges, the battery might drain a bit faster. But honestly, I’ve used it on some pretty dense stuff, and it held up pretty well.

greenworks hedge trimmer

Another thing to keep in mind is how often you start and stop the trimmer. Every time you power it on, there’s a little extra juice used. So if you’re constantly starting and stopping, you might see a bit more drain. But for typical home use, it’s not a big deal.

For most homeowner jobs, this trimmer’s battery life is more than enough. I’ve trimmed all the hedges in my yard, and the battery didn’t even break a sweat. It’s designed to handle typical residential tasks without any issues. This is great for popping off and throwing into the their powerful blower to help clean up the mess you just made (blow it into your neighbors yard).

Ease of use

The main things that make this hedge trimmer super easy to use aren’t necessarily specific to this trimmer, but to all battery-powered hedge trimmers in general. For example, the fact that you don’t have to use gasoline, oil, or any other combustible engine parts makes this extremely easy to maintain. 

On the other side, corded electric hedge trimmers are also easy to use, but require you to lug around an extension cord everywhere you go. This not only cramps your style, but can either pull out easily and require you to go back and plug it in OR it can find itself in the blades of the hedge trimmer if you zone out for a second. Not good.

corded electric hedge trimmers

This Greenworks hedge trimmer does have a little safety and is overall pretty balanced, so I would give it an 8/10 in the ease of use department. I would have liked to see some better grips up front that take the strain off your hands.

Cost and value

At well under $200, the Greenworks 60V Hedge Trimmer is pretty dang affordable. If you grab the tool-only version (without a battery), you can save a ton of money if you already own a Greenworks 60V battery.

You can buy this one from the Greenworks website or grab it on Amazon for a great price.

Overall Review: Greenworks 60V Cordless 26 inch Hedge Trimmers

The Greenworks 60V Cordless Hedge Trimmer is a sweet tool. Cordless hedge trimmers are the GOAT and this one is really high quality and a great price. If you already have any 60V battery from Greenworks, then this one is a no-brainer.

I would definitely recommend this one – grab it at Amazon or wherever you get your Greenworks 60V stuff.

My experience with battery powered hedge trimmers

I have had the good pleasure of using a ton of both corded and cordless hedge trimmers over the years. I used a corded hedge trimmer for decades without thinking twice. It’s one of those things where you do it for so long that you don’t realize there is a better way. Like my parents still going to the mall – who does that?

ego hedge trimmer

Anyways, I have used a ton of corded and cordless hedge trimmers – here are a few of my former posts that highlight my experience:

Needless to say, I’ve trimmed a hedge or two in my days. Here are my thoughts and experiences using the Greenworks 60V hedge trimmer.

What to look for in a Greenworks cordless hedge trimmer

Cordless hedge trimmers are a great addition to any gardener’s toolkit. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they also offer a number of advantages over their gas-powered counterparts. However, with so many different models on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Here are a few things to look for when choosing a cordless hedge trimmer:

Hedge Trimmer Length:

Cordless hedge trimmers come in a variety of lengths, from small handheld models to larger units that can reach up to several feet. Choose the size that is best suited for your needs.

Ease of use:

Cordless hedge trimmers should be easy to operate, with comfortable handles and simple controls. Look for a model that is lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Battery life:

Corded hedge trimmers need to be plugged into an outlet, which can be inconvenient and restrict your range of motion. Cordless models run on batteries, which will need to be recharged after a certain amount of use. Choose a model with a long battery life so that you can work uninterrupted. If you already own a line of battery-powered products, check out the hedge trimmer from that line as a starting point.

With these factors in mind, you’ll be sure to find the perfect cordless hedge trimmer for your garden. If you are old fashioned, check out our list of corded hedge trimmers.

Why we review lawn tools

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