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UberFlex vs FlexZilla: Best Pressure Washer Hose 2024

UberFlex and FlexZilla aren’t just the names of me and my boys when we are looking in the mirror at the gym. They’re the names of two ridiculous pressure washer hoses. I prefer the FlexZilla pressure washer hose because it is simply indestructible.

bending the flexzilla garden hose

The world of hoses has always been an incredibly vast one, especially nowadays with Amazon being such a big player. If you got into this, you must have already noticed how overwhelmed the market is with various products. Today we are here for you to narrow down the subject and talk about two super popular hoses: UberFlex and FlexZilla.

When you are using a pressure washer, you want to make sure you have a solid hose that doesn’t kill all your power or become a massive tangled mess.

So, without going too much around it, let’s dive in and see which one would take the lead in 2023!

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UberFlex vs Flexzilla pressure washer competition

In each of the categories we’ve listed above as important features of a pressure washer, we compare both the UberFlex and Flexzilla to see which one we liked the best. Let’s jump right in.

Storage comparison: Wrapping up FlexZilla and UberFlex hoses

The beautiful thing about pressure washer hoses that you buy aftermarket is that they tend to have way better performance. Most pressure washers use a 25 or 35 foot hose, so 50 is a huge upgrade.

But that means more to wrap up and store. And pressure washer hoses are known for being rigid and difficult to maneuver.

So we took both of these and put them to the test.

greenworks pressure washer storage
They coil nicely!

At first, both of these hoses were extremely rigid, but after a few uses, they tamed down and flattened. One thing I noticed with the UberFlex that I didn’t with the FlexZilla hose is that the UberFlex seemed to get tangled a lot more. I’m not sure if it is the material, or what. It didn’t kink, but seemed to get tied up into a not every time I unraveled it.

Rolling them up – they felt almost identical. I felt like the FlexZilla had a slightly easier time rolling up than the UberFlex did, providing slightly more “give” during the wrapping process.

Winner: FlexZilla pressure washer hose!

Power retention: UberFlex vs Flexzilla

I found that with both of these hoses, the 50 ft versions retained the same power that the stock 25 ft hoses kept. These performed almost identically with my Greenworks 3000 PSI electric pressure washer. 

With the FlexZilla’s hybrid polymer construction, I assumed it would retain a lot more power as the material itself seems harder. But the polyester Uberflex hose surprisingly seemed to keep all of the power output.

I wish I had more to say here but at least from an eye-test, the two had similar results. This is a huge benefit to anybody looking to upgrade their pressure washer hose length without sacrificing power.

greenworks 3000 psi pressure washer
Made quick work of this deck clean!

Now before any of you nerds tell me about some sort of physics and how the pressure technically has to decrease, I’m here to tell you I don’t care. I didn’t notice any appreciable  difference between FlexZilla or UberFlex. Neither will you.

Winner: It’s a tie!

Durability and leakage in pressure washer hoses

Both the FlexZilla and UberFlex pressure washer hoses claim to not kink. I mean I fall for just about every marketing gimmick out there so I took this at face value, but had some suspicions in the top of my mind.

But holy crap. Neither of them kink, guys. It’s pretty incredible once you’ve used it a couple times to not worry about it folding in half and simply laying flat like a good dog. 

uberflex pressure washer hose
Uberflex opening at 14mm.
flexzilla pressure washer hose.
FlexZilla hose opening at 14mm.

Another great thing that both of these have is great connector points. A traditional hose is just not going to cut it and the plastic fittings that come on stock pressure washer hoses are just flat out unreliable.

These two hoses have almost identical fittings and stem sizes and construction. There is no discernable difference between the two and they both do a great job of preventing leakage, making the absolute most of the power from your water source.

flexzilla garden hose on the reel
Flexzilla can take a beating.

One thing that you can tell a difference in is the build of the FlexZilla. It can take an absolute beating, mostly because it is made of that hybrid polymer instead of the UberFlex’s polyester construction. FlexZilla has a patent pending on the material and construction, telling you what they’ve built is truly unique.

I’ve gotta hand it to the folks at FlexZilla – they are absolute scientists when it comes to pressure washer hose design.

Winner: FlexZilla

Cost Comparison: UberFlex vs FlexZilla pressure washer hoses

At the 50 ft mark (the size we recommend), the FlexZilla comes in at about $58 whereas the UberFlex sits at right about $50. 

One thing we’ve noticed is that the price is always changing (for example, the FlexZilla is on sale for 20% off right now).

You can check the FlexZilla price here on Amazon and the UberFlex price here – one is bound to be on sale.

Our overall winner for best pressure washer hose

While the FlexZilla and UberFlex are nearly identical in every way, I liked the FlexZilla’s inability to get tangled and overall durability slightly more than UberFlex. To me, it is worth the additional $8 to not get the hose into a tangled mess as easily as the UberFlex does.

You can grab the FlexZilla pressure washer hose for a great price on Amazon.

Why we started The Lawn Review

We started The Lawn Review out of frustration. We couldn’t find clarity around what type of products were actually good and reliable. All the fertilizers we tried didn’t work. We ended up with a dying lawn, wasted time, and wasted money.

pressure washer
We take tool testing seriously!

So we started buying and reviewing lawn tools and figuring out which ones were the best. And now we’ve moved onto actually keeping that lawn looking nice all year around. 

We’ve spent thousands of hours building this content for people just like you and me – normal people.

What to look for in a pressure washer hose

It’s important when buying a pressure washer hose to make sure it has a few characteristics:

  1. Storage: make sure it’s easy to wind and store, otherwise it will become a tangled mess in your garage or shed.
  2. Power retention: some hoses lack the internal rigidity to keep the pressure at a high enough level for the pressure washers to have any PSI left over.
  3. Leakage protection: if they leak water at either connection point then it’s a huge waste of potential pressure.
  4. Durability: total waste to have a pressure washer hose that cracks or gets punctured super easily.

These are the things we look for when testing pressure washer hoses. If you want to see the best electric pressure washers that we ranked, check out our post!

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Alex K

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