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Why You Should Rent A Pressure Washer Instead of Buying: 2024

Renting a pressure washer can make a world of difference for your home or business – without having to buy it, maintain it, or store it. Using a pressure washer is a safe and effective way to remove slime and grime without causing damage to the surface.

greenworks electric pressure washer

Pressure washing ultimately increases the value of a property by boosting its curb appeal – it’s also one of the most satisfying things on the planet. It is also a form of preventative maintenance and can therefore save you time and money in the long run. 

The benefits of a pressure washer are evident, but a good pressure washer can set you back more than $1,000

Fortunately, numerous home-improvement stores rent pressure washers at a reasonable price for short periods of time. Whether you’re in South Florida or Montana, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a pressure washer rental to give your home or business a deep cleaning. 

If you’re not ready to invest in a pressure washer, here is a list of places that rent them in 2023.

Where You Can Rent a Power Washer in 2024

There are a few places near you that rent pressure washers – check out which one is most convenient for you.

Renting a pressure washer from Home Depot

Home Depot is inarguably one of the nation’s most well-known home improvement stores. With over 1,900 locations in the United States, finding a Home Depot near you shouldn’t be difficult. Home Deposit has a generous selection of electric and gas pressure washers available for rent. You can also rent accessories such as extension wands, compact driveway, and surface cleaners.

sun joe pressure washer
Electric pressure washers can be great for smaller jobs.

The advantage of renting at Home Depot is that you can rent for weeks at a time and save significantly. Additionally, Home Depot’s website makes it easy to check the availability of rentals to ensure they’re in stock at locations near you. Home Depot’s selection of pressure washers includes:

Electric Pressure Washer Rental Cost at Home Depot


  • $33 for four hours
  • $47 per day
  • $188 per week
  • $564 for four weeks

The Top Features

  • Features a 1.5 hp fan-cooled motor
  • Comers with detergent quick connect nozzles
  • It has a 3/8″ hose and trigger 
  • Ideal for small projects

Gas Pressure Washer Rental Cost at Home Depot


  • $61 for four hours
  • $87 per day
  • $348 per week
  • $1,044 for four weeks

Why This Pressure Washer Stands Out

  • It boasts a 196cc Honda OHV engine
  • Features a triple-piston AR pump
  • Includes detergent quick connect nozzles
  • Perfect for medium-duty projects
pressure washer
Back at work.

Driveway and Surface Cleaners Rental Cost at Home Depot


  • $48 for four hours
  • $68 per day
  • $272 per week
  • $816 for four weeks
pressure washer surface cleaner

What Stands Out

  • Easy to use with a simple on-off feature
  • 25x more effective than other products on the market
  • It doesn’t produce streaks
  • Comes with a folding handle, making it easy to store and take in your truck or SUV
pressure washer rental
Gas pressure washer.

You can rent a pressure washer from Home Depot by following this link.

United Rentals Pressure Washers

United Rentals has locations across the United States, and their pressure washers are more expensive than big-box home improvement stores. However, United Rental’s equipment is great for large projects or commercial work. You can rent United Rental’s equipment at daily, weekly, and monthly rates.

United Rental, aside from renting the physical washers, also rents accessories like washer hoses and a pressure washer spray wand. Keep in mind that the prices will vary depending on your location. Some of the pressure washers available at United Rentals include:

Pressure Washer, 3,000-3,500 PSI, Towable, Diesel Powered

Cost: $264 daily, $532 weekly, and $1,474 monthly

The Top Features

  • Uses hot water
  • Features tubed, pneumatic tires
  • Washes large areas efficiently
  • 4.7 gallons per minute flow

Pressure Washer, 3,500 PSI, Gas Powered

Cost: $83 daily, $304 weekly, and $651 monthly

What Stands Out

  • Boasts quick-connect nozzles
  • Features an insulated trigger gun
  • Suitable for medium- to heavy-duty work
  • Designed with 1.25″ tube handles

Pressure Washer, 3,500 PSI, Towable, Gas Powered

Cost: $87 daily, $326 weekly, and $691 monthly

What I Like About this Pressure Washer

  • Comes with dual rubber isolators
  • Features an overhead valve (OHV) engine
  • Works well with medium- to heavy-duty projects
  • Manufactured with quick-connect nozzles
towable pressure washer
Towable pressure washers are crazy.

Pressure Washer 5,000 PSI, Gas Powered

Cost: $143 daily, $427 weekly, and $1,277 monthly

The Top Features

  • Comes with a safety-lock off trigger fun
  • Suitable for heavy-duty work with 5,000 PSI
  • Features 1.25′ tube handles
  • The trigger gun is insulted

Menards Pressure Washer Rental

If you live in the Midwest or the Great Plains, you can rent a power washer at Menards. The home-improvement superstore currently offers a Rug Doctor 2000 PSI Pressure Washer for rent. You can pair your rental with an Xtreme Garage Multipurpose Utility Air Mover or Rug Doctor Carpet Blower.

Rug Doctor 2000 PSI Pressure Washer

Cost: $34.99 for the first 24 hours and $34.99 for each additional day

The Highlights:

  • Easy to transport
  • Features a one-gallon detergent tank
  • The low-profile design prevents tipping
  • Has a convenient aluminum handle

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about renting a power washer in 2023? Here are my answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How much PSI do I need to clean concrete?

Generally, you should look for a pressure washer with at least 3,000 PSI to clean concrete. Although you can use a pressure washer with less PSI, its cleaning will take longer.

What is the difference between a power washer and a pressure washer?

The main difference is that a power washer uses hot water while a pressure washer uses unheated water. Individuals often find that power washers clean rust better than pressure washers. 

Is it better to rent or buy a pressure washer?

Deciding between renting or buying a pressure washer depends on how often you use it. If you own a business and need a pressure washer daily, it makes sense to buy one instead of renting. Residential homeowners needing a pressure washer annually can save money by renting a pressure washer since buying one starts at $500 and upwards. 

Is Renting a Pressure Washer Right for You?

Pressure washing is a great way to give your home or business a well-deserved facelift. You can rent a pressure washer for as little as $35, or if you want a higher-end model, you’ll need to shell out a couple hundred. If you only need a pressure washer a few times per year (or less), renting one is the cost-effective option.  

Why we review lawn tools

The reason we started this website in the first place was because we had so much trouble trying to find reasonable, understandable, honest reviews for lawn equipment. And it’s not cheap! After hours and hours of research, trying products and returning them, and messing up our yards – we started this site. 

review lawn tools
How we spend our time.

As people who had to learn the hard way, we want you to know exactly what you are signing up for before you purchase a piece of equipment. That’s why we are committed to providing honest, easy-to-understand reviews that mean something. 

What features to look for in a pressure washer

Honda pressure washers make it relatively easy to knock off one of the biggest must-haves on your list: a reliable and powerful engine. But there are a few other things we recommend truly making sure are available when searching for a new pressure washer.

Nozzles Matter

  • When choosing a pressure washer, you should pay attention to the nozzles included in the package. Two types of spray nozzles are available, adjustable spray nozzles that can be controlled and quick-connect nozzles with predefined spray patterns.  
  • The predefined spray patterns typically come in different angles, allowing for you to quickly switch between a broad, lower pressure spray or a narrow, higher pressure stream.
  • Quick connect nozzles are super convenient, but they’re almost like airpods – you can lose them!

Soap tank availability

  • Additionally, you may want to consider a soap tank-equipped pressure washer. Some of these pressure washers have “foam cannons” where you can simply add some soap and it will mix it in with the water. Pretty cool.
  • I recommend a soap tank for cars and windows.

Wheels on pressure washers

  • Despite these seemingly minor features, they can have a big impact, especially with larger units. No sense in lugging around one of these in your yard and tripping all over the place.
  • Some pressure washers have a tendency to flip over and be top heavy, so make sure the base is sturdy.
  • If you’re on the job site, keep an eye out for never-flat tires that will protect the wheels in case there are spare nails laying around.

Hose types

  • There’s a big difference between how easy or difficult it is to use a pressure washer based on the kind of hose that comes with it. Stiff, rigid hoses make it extremely difficult to have any maneuverability without messing up the job or knocking over the base.
  • Length is also important for pressure washer hoses as you can end up in a tight spot, literally, if you don’t have enough reach.
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