Tired of flimsy plastic lawn gear?

We found two indestructible lawn tools that feel like the good old days

The first is the Eley Hose Reel

It has a few things we absolutely love.

The Eley Hose Reel is a beast.

1.) It is extremely heavy duty 2.) It won't fall over 3.) Rolling it up is a breeze 4.) It is highly portable and easy to take out into the yard

Does this look like it will randomly snap off?

Like what may or may not have happened to my plastic one...

But there's also a crazy good indestructible sprinkler.

I've totally abused mine.

Aqua Joe has a sprinkler with heavy-duty metal base.

That can withstand getting stepped on. And dragged.

It's got decent range.

And doesn't fall over when you move the hose around.

With a solid metal hose reel and a metal sprinkler.

You'll spend less time wrestling your lawn and more time enjoying the view.