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The Lawn Review: Home » Greenworks Dethatcher 27022 Review (Spring 2022)

Greenworks Dethatcher 27022 Review (Spring 2022)

The Greenworks Dethatcher is a lawn tool that is growing in popularity. Dethatchers work by pulling up old, dead grass that is embedded in the soil of your lawn. This dead grass, or “thatch”, prohibits your living grass from getting nutrients and can cause your grass to appear thin. Dethatchers have historically been tough-looking heavy rakes that you could pull across your lawn by hand. 

Greenworks is a brand of electric lawn equipment that includes mowers, chainsaws, blowers, pressure washers, and more. They have grown in popularity due to the rise of electric lawn equipment and their relatively inexpensive selection of equipment.

Let’s get started!

When and why to dethatch your yard

Dethatching your yard is one of the most satisfying lawn tasks you can accomplish. If you are one of those people who likes pimple popping videos or loves to peel off the plastic of a new appliance, then dethatching will be your jam.

It basically pulls up all this dead grass that is stuck to your lawn and pushes it to the top of your yard. You can almost hear your yard start breathing again. 

The best time of year to dethatch your yard is just prior to the aerating and overseeding process. For us, this time of year is in October, but can vary depending on where you live. Dethatching right before aerating and seeding gives the best possible chance for your seeds to make contact with soil. 

First, you pull up the dead grass with the dethatcher. Once you have pulled all of this up and gotten rid of it, then you can aerate. You will want to aerate your lawn immediately after dethatching, then overseed the lawn. This will put seed straight on the open soil and give it the best success to grow into a thick, luscious lawn. 

The Greenworks Dethatcher features

The Greenworks dethatcher comes in at a slightly lower price point than the Sun Joe Dethatcher. It is also one of the most popular dethatchers available on the market. Let’s review what makes this so popular:

Your experience with the Greenworks Dethatcher

The Greenworks Dethatcher comes with an easy push to start functionality. This push to start feature allows for guaranteed starts after being stored through a cold winter. It boasts a 14 inch width for the tines (the little spikes that pull up thatch), which gives it an immediate advantage over some of its competitors. 

The handles fold in and allow for easy storage. As do other dethatcher in its class, it does not use any batteries and requires no charging. Rather, the Greenworks dethatcher requires an extension cord. As I mentioned in my last dethatcher review, a fifty foot extension cord is recommended. Longer extension cords can become quite heavy and cumbersome to move throughout your yard. 

The Greenworks Dethatcher
The longer arms of the Greenworks dethatcher help tall freaks like me.

Comfort is important to me, and as a tall person I highly value the longer handles that come with the Greenworks dethatcher. These are much more comfortable and help me stay out in the yard longer. 


Not sure what kind of power you can expect with an electric dethatcher. This is not a gas guzzler and is not meant to really provide any power. But it does have 10A of power running through it. It does not have a self propelled feature persay, but does inch forward with the help of the thines moving forward trying to pull up grass. 


While most people scoff at plastic and electric lawn tools, this one really does have great durability. I have not put too much use into mine, but have heard others talk about the longevity of the tines. The tines are the little pieces of metal that actually pick up and displace the dead grass on the bottom of the dethatcher. You would expect some wear and tear, but they appear to last quite a while.

This is really a simple machine that does not require any maintenance. When broken down to its functional components (kind of like active ingredients in supplements), it is just an electric power circle of little spikes. Not much can go wrong.

Benefits: Performance and clean-up

The Greenworks dethatcher will pull up the dead grass from the top of your yard without fail. As long as it is moderately dry outside, it will not have a problem getting to the thatch and giving your grass some room to breathe. 

Clean-up, however, is a different issue. Compared to several other electric dethatchers, the Greenworks dethatcher does not come with a bag. Do not fret! The bags that come with the dethatchers are almost comically small. 

You will be surprised with the amount of grass that comes up from one of these tools. You will likely fill your bag after about 5 to 8 feet of pushing. With that in mind, most people use all dethatchers without bags. 

To clean up, simply grab your mower, put it on a high setting, slap the bag on, and do a quick run over the yard to suck up all the thatch. You can always use a blower, a heavy duty rake, or whatever you would like to clean up the yard. 

Comparison: Greenworks 27022 dethatcher vs Sun Joe dethatcher

If you are looking at an electronic dethatcher online, you are likely picking between these two. Both are the top sellers on Amazon and combined have over 20,000 reviews. Both look very similar and both have almost 5 stars on Amazon. 

Functionality and power

To compare the two, let’s start with functionality. They function identically. Both are powered by an extension cord, move at the same speed, and electronically pull up thatch. The advantage goes to Greenworks here because they have a slightly bigger tine deck. 14 inches in the Greenworks vs 13 inches in the Sun Joe dethatcher. You will get more out of each pass using the Greenworks.


Something else to consider when comparing these products is the availability of add-on features. Greenworks offers zero add ons to their product, whereas Sun Joe offers a scarifier and a bag. As mentioned previously, the bag is meaningless and most people trash it. The scarifier applies blades to the soil to help cut through and tough thatch and provide a modest amount of aeration. The advantage in this category goes to Sun Joe. 

Cost and value

As of right now, the Sun Joe dethatcher costs around $150 and the Greenworks dethatcher comes in right around $130. Both are going to last a long time and both are of very similar quality. If it were me (and it is me), I am going with the Greenworks. 

Overall comparison: Greenworks vs Sun Joe dethatcher

Y’all this is a relatively easy one for me. I will save $20 and go with the Greenworks dethatcher. It operates the same, has great durability, is slightly wider, and a good bit cheaper. 

Check out our web story detailing the competition between these two.

You can grab the Greenworks dethatcher on Amazon (on sale right now for 35% off) for an awesome price. You can also get the Greenworks 27022 dethatcher straight from the Greenworks website.